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Tropical Adventures


Be formally introduced to the captivating island of Antigua on an exciting 4 x 4 Island Safari Discovery Tour. This amazing adventure begins from the bustling capital of St. John’s along the city’s quaint streets and onto beaten tracks towards the countryside through various small villages and hidden paths.

Discover some of Antigua’s most popular landmarks such as Shirley Heights, a restored military lookout and gun battery which boasts the island’s most iconic and striking view of the English and Falmouth Harbours. From there, your fun safari continues with a stop at the Betty’s Hope Sugar Plantation which was once the largest sugar plantation on Antigua and is now a historical site with restored stone sugar mills and windmill towers. While here, enjoy a delicious picnic-style lunch.

There is also a visit to the notorious Devil’s Bridge, a natural limestone bridge, crossing the rough and raging waters of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Legend has it, that anyone who falls off this bridge never comes out alive, and to escape slavery, runaway slaves came here as a final resort… leaping off the bridge and falling to their death.

Between stops, you may have a chance to sink your teeth through a variety of fresh seasonal fruits such as mangoes, pineapples or guavas. As this safari comes to an end, enjoy some sun, sea, and sand at Long Bay… one of the island’s many striking beaches of glistening white sand and crystal blue waters. This welcoming beach break is the perfect finish to an exhilarating day as you unwind, before being returned to your hotel… just in time for your next big adventure!