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From the innovative minds at Duval Publications, 12MUSTS is a new and exciting, all-inclusive travel & leisure magazine created to transport our readers to some of the Caribbean’s hottest destinations and MUST-HAVE getaway experiences. A first of its kind, 12MUSTS is a cutting-edge approach to Caribbean guide books, designed specifically for the modern traveler, in search of the perfect tropical escape! … Fusing the strengths of Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago while respecting the diversity of each island’s individual cultures, 12MUSTS features a wide variety of exhilarating tourist activities, affordable accommodations, enticing restaurants, historic landmarks, breathtaking landscapes, captivating diving and hiking locations, renowned festivals, and the most delectable food & drinks that our featured islands have to offer. 12MUSTS is filled with fun, adventure and discovery- and setting a new standard for travel!


Quality is the focus of our mission, paying meticulous attention to all featured/recommended attractions, thus ensuring fun, safety, reliability and a lifetime of memories. The quality of an experience is measured primarily on customer satisfaction and cultural values. Variety is the spice of life… and we offer readers a lifetime of exciting experiences by consistently delivering new input and insights from our team, who are relentless in their search for new and more innovative experiences.

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Antigua & Barbuda. Barbados. Dominica. Jamaica. Trinidad & Tobago

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    Founder & Creative Director
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    Advertising Sales Officer
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    Graphics Designer
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